Music, rhythm and songs from Africa.
Bantu Arts deliver high energy drumming and music workshops suitable for all ages and abilities.
Our workshops can be a great introduction to rhythm and basic percussion techniques for beginners and for advanced participants we provide a more bespoke experience that enhances their knowledge.
We use a variety of drums and African percussion instruments to name a few, the djembe, Ngoma,  Madinda- Xylophone, Adungu- harp which enables everyone to join in and see the variety that Africa has to offer musically.

We encourage all participants to understand the principles of how traditionally music is passed down through the generations in Africa. We provide an insight into African culture by explaining the use of the different instruments and when the songs are sung and what they mean.

All Bantu Arts artists are DBS checked and trained in delivering our excellent workshops. Our artists are skilled in traditional African instruments and have the knowledge and awareness to ensure that our workshops are inclusive and support participants to create, learn sounds and music from the African continent. It is an opportunity for every child to immerse themselves in a different culture whilst experiencing a feeling of unity/teamwork as part of a drum circle.

Our workshops are aligned to targets within the Music National Curriculum including Stages One and Two of the key stages.

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