Steven Kasamba – Founder & Director

Steven Kasamba - Bantu ArtsSteven started performing at a very early age whilst growing up in Uganda. He came to the UK as a performer and has worked with several organisations and agencies to promote African Arts. He also performed in various theater productions across the UK. It is during this period that he realized the importance of preserving the traditional East African arts, in particular, the performing arts passed down through generations in Uganda. He also wanted to raise the profile of artists that specialize in these traditional performing arts and that it was important that they were recognized as professional artists who had a lot to offer the UK and Europe and to educate people about the different cultures. Steven has actively been raising the profile of African arts by delivering drumming and dance workshops all around the UK. You can get a glimpse of this by simply typing his name into google. To help achieve this dream and have a greater understanding, he studied Dance, Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at Roehampton University and graduated with honours. Steven has received several endorsements and acknowledgements that he has excellent dancing, drumming and performing skills from the African community and those outside of it.
Steven has also quoted “I believe in teamwork and expression of skills, talent and the awareness of the individual through various roles and contributions when engaged in art as this, contributes to the welfare of our society’’.
In 2013, Steven founded Bantu Arts as a way of realising his dreams. Since then, Steven has worked hard and has had much success in bringing his dreams to fruition. It is his enthusiasm and experience about the importance of expressing talent through African arts, his empathetic and selfless style of teaching that has been essential in clients wanting to work with him again and again. Having been a founder, manager and director of few other African organisations, Steven has worked with several high-profile artists and supported many organisations within the Performing Arts. He is also closely linked to the Uganda High Commission and the Uganda Tourism Board which also shows recognition and appreciation of his profile as an artist, director and founder of Bantu Arts. Some of the article written about Steven Kasamba: Pakeman Primary School, African Revival, Walton & Weybridge Amateur Operatic Society, Farnborough Hill